Expert Air Conditioning Installation Phoenix, Arizona

When you need a new air conditioner you need AC installation by a licensed contractor.  That assures everything’s done right for better performance and longer equipment lifetimes.  We’ll choose the perfect-fit model from leading brands then provide quality workmanship for the full system.  Whether that’s a new A/C unit, a complete system with air handlers and duct work, or a ductless split system. ASAP Plumbing provides affordable air conditioning installation services to all Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Arizona and surrounding areas. Schedule an appointment today.

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Is It Time for AC Replacement?

Sooner or later air conditioning units need replacement due to wear and tear damage, and parts no longer being available.  In the Phoenix area, they typically last 10 to 14 years.  If your unit is older than that, or you’ve had to have several repairs, then it’s the most likely time for a new air conditioner.

Older equipment loses efficiency, and today’s models are much more energy efficient.  So if your electric bills are higher than your neighbors or your utility company’s average for similar buildings, that can be a deciding factor.

Home additions and major remodels may call for higher capacity, and present a great opportunity for upgrades and updates.

First Time Installation Service

Our residential and commercial HVAC services include new construction and retrofits as well.  Our experts will assess the building or its blueprints and together with your priorities for comfort, monthly utility costs, and installation costs we’ll work out the best system configuration, size, make, and model.  Major choices include central air conditioning with or without a gas furnace, split-systems requiring no ductwork, and heat pumps that provide heating as well as cooling.

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Today’s Options

Today’s AC units have outstanding energy efficiency, although changes in the rating system require some adjustments when making comparisons.  The newer SEER is a seasonal energy efficiency rating that represents actual energy use more accurately than older methods.  Energy Star rated equipment must have a SEER of at least 10, and premium models are in the 15-17 range.  Some go as high as 22, while really old systems may perform more like a 5.  So it’s not uncommon for an AC replacement to have half the electricity use.

With features such as variable speed motors and smart thermostats, modern models offer improved comfort as well.  Our installation services offer additional options as well, such as humidifiers and advanced air cleaners.

Expert Installation

Our A/C installation expertise is important even before work begins by properly sizing the new or replacement system.  If you’ve upgraded to more energy-efficient windows, improved weather stripping and caulking, and/or increased insulation you need a smaller system.  That means more than cost savings on the equipment purchase.  Over-sized systems fall below their SEER, wasting energy and driving up utility bills.  We’ll perform detailed calculations of your air conditioning load, select the most cost-effective equipment, and then provide skilled installation.