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When water lines break, leak, or burst it is sometimes cost effective to replace the entire line rather than repair. Water mains are one of those things that you just don’t want to deal with. If your current water main is leaking , then it’s likely causing major problems for you. If you’re trying to install a new water main, then you want to be sure it’s done right. Replacing a water main can be disruptive to your regular routines.

ASAP Plumbing & AC Uses Trenchless Technology that will have your Water main replaced within a few hours from start to finish . No matter if your Water main is running a straight line through your yard. You can count on our expert technicians to get the job done right. We can replace any water line with little to no damage at all to any landscaping, using our trench less methods for installing new piping.

ASAP Plumbing & AC does not cut, jackhammer or break your driveway in order to replace your water main line if it runs under it. Our water main replacement comes standard with a lifetime warranty on materials! Water main is with no doubt of the most important elements of your home plumbing system. It is the main pipe that supplies water to an area. Unfortunately, many people forget or neglect its significance until a problem occurs, which can leave them with no water for hours even days depending on the damage. Let’s take a quick look at the possible reasons for water main breaks:

Weather conditions

Sudden and high change in the temperature of the air and water can cause huge stress on the pipe, especially during the winter. In this time of the year cold temperatures may send frost deeper, causing the ground to swell and therefore leading to its expansion or contraction. This is when a water main break repair may be necessary. The same effect can be observed in the summer when temperatures are too high and the ground is very dry.


As we already know corrosion is a common problem when it comes to plumbing system.

The pipes, particularly those made of cast and ductile iron, corrode from outside in due to their interaction with the soil chemicals, which leads to their faster deterioration. This process results in weakened pipes that are likely to break down and rust until they burst completely.

Aging pipe network

Another reason for water main repair could be the aging pipe infrastructure. Most of the older pipe installations are made of cast iron and their walls are thinner. They rust from outside in and start to deteriorate until they burst and spew huge amounts of water.

But how can you know if there is a water main break? One of the key signs is a stream of water. It could be on the road outside your home, on the outside of your property or in the foundation wall. Strange rumbling noise coming from your water main when all water sources are turned off, indicate that you may have a leaking water main.

The best solution to prevent having this type of issue in your home is to have your water lines checked and maintained every few years. If you are located in Chandler, Scottsdale, Tucson, Gilbert, Glendale or Phoenix area and you need water main repair or just to make sure your plumbing system is working properly give us a call today!

Symptoms of Main Line Leaks

Repairing a main line in your infrastructure is certainly not the cheapest operation, and it is possible that there is more than one problem simultaneously. Unless you call on a repair team that understands how to minimize your cost, you could end up paying more for a problem that could have been fixed with a simpler solution.

Fortunately, there are some initial actions you can take before calling in a professional to help locate the problem and take more personal control of the situation. Here are some of the initial signs of a main line leak and a sewer leak that will help direct your repair efforts.

If you think the water line from your meter to your home may need to be replaced call the trenchless experts in water main replacement at 480-800-7611

  • If you have an unusually expensive water bill, then you may have a leak. The extra water is usually leaking outside of the home into the soil or draining outside. An outsized bill is definitely something to double check, so keep your bills to compare.
  • If you notice a huge drop in your water pressure, then you may have a main line leak. The pressure comes from the water building in the pipeline, and if there is a leak, then there is no opportunity to build that pressure.
  • If you have large cracks in your yard or patio pavement, you should look into a leak. Water is quite powerful over time, and it can shift the soil and expand building materials, causing cracks.
  • If you see water that puddles in a single area, you can bet on a main line leak. You may even see water bubbling up through the soil in an especially bad case.
  • If you hear pipes making noise in the house, then you should look for a leak.

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