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Water Restoration Flood Damage

Water Restoration Flood Damage in Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, and Ahwatukee

When a fire, flood or plumbing failure occurs, fast action is required to dry out and restore water damaged areas.
Quick response can mean saving thousands of dollars. Our certified water damage repair technicians will extract the water from your carpet or hardwood floor and salvage as much material as possible. Our water damage specialists will use infrared cameras and moisture detection equipment to determine if any walls have retained moisture. They will then setup drying equipment to quickly dry the affected areas. We work with your insurance company to make sure your claim is handled quickly and efficiently.

Our certified technicians will extract the water from your carpet or hardwood floor and salvage as much material as possible to keep the costs low.

Once the water has been extracted we continue with setting up drying equipment to quickly dry the affected areas. Prompt response to any disaster situation is crucial for limiting the impact on the property and the pocketbook. ASAP Plumbing & AC are ready to dispatch a fully prepared water damage restoration team immediately after receiving a call to any residential or commercial emergency situation.  Our water damage restoration emergency teams have the expertise and experience required to quickly size up the fire damage loss, address the situation on-site and call in reinforcements if required.

We do not only extract water, we are a full service water damage restoration company that can dry any structure fast and use our state of the art moisture monitoring equipment and infrared cameras to ensure that there will be no safety concerns or secondary damages (mold).

When you’re faced with a water damage emergency, call us anytime and we’ll be there for you. Help is on the way!

Many potential sources of water damage can be averted by checking and preparing the home before leaving for vacation. For example, before leaving:

  • Check the home for any existing leaks.
  • Consider shutting off the water main to the home. If this cannot be done because of an automatic sprinkler system or other reason, shut off the valves to major appliances within the home.
  • If the property has a well, consider shutting the pump off.
  • Check gutters and downspouts for damage and any debris that may be causing obstructions.
  • If the property has a sump pump, be sure it is in working order.
  • When traveling during freezing weather, be sure the heating system is operating properly and that any exposed pipes are insulated. It is also a good idea to drain pipes if the water has been shut off by running water faucets and flushing the toilets.
  • Ask a family member or friend to periodically check on the home and be sure they know where the water main shut off valve is located.

If water damage has occurred while people have been away, it is important to understand that the introduction of water or elevated humidity levels can cause the growth of mold in as short as 24 to 48 hours on many building materials, furnishings and belongings. If the damage has been caused by a sanitary sewer overflow or as the result of outdoor flooding, the water may contain everything from mold and bacteria to viruses and chemical contaminants.

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