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Having trouble with your gas hot water heater?  It’s the second-largest energy user in the typical home, so it’s not surprising that when it’s not working it’s a big frustration that disrupts your entire day.  Our water heater repair specialists are available 24/7.  They’re experts at troubleshooting residential and commercial natural gas and propane models so there’s no wasted time or expense.  And you’ll have a lifetime warranty on their work.  If absolutely necessary they can install a replacement in just a few hours.  Then our annual maintenance service can keep working it at its best and lasting as long as possible.

We’ll put an end to cold showers and dirty dishes right away. ASAP Plumbing provides affordable water heater repair and replacement services to all Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Arizona and surrounding areas. Schedule an appointment today.

Gas Water Heater Repairs

No hot water is a rude awakening.  And not having enough when you need it is more than annoying.

Gas water heaters require everything in a long chain of devices to work properly.  The pilot light may have simply blown out.  Or if your model has electronic ignition that circuit may have failed.  The thermocouple is a safety feature that signals that the pilot is lit and allows the burner gas to turn on.  If it’s failed the gas valve can’t open.  That’s a common problem.  Or you may have a bad gas valve or the thermostat may have failed.  And a burner that’s out of adjustment, a partially clogged vent, sediment, or scale can dramatically reduce output.

Or you may have noticed discolored or smelly hot water.  Or perhaps strange noises from the tank.

Both gas and electric water heaters have a protective anode rod that can become depleted, leading to corrosion and rust-colored water.  Sediment inside the tank can lead to bacteria growth and odors.  And make strange noises when it breaks off and falls inside the tank.  A failed dip tube lets incoming cold mix with outgoing hot so that your hot water never seems hot enough.

Then there’s leaks.  The pressure relief valve is a common culprit, and replaceable.  Other connections and valves can also be repaired.  But if the hot water tank itself is leaking both electric and gas water heaters have to be replaced.

Yes, it can get complicated but our troubleshooting expertise means fast diagnosis and our well-stocked trucks means that most of our gas hot water heater repairs are a short single visit.

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Repair versus Replace

Gas hot water heaters typically last 8-12 years.  If yours is approaching or beyond those years, is past its warranty, or has several previous repairs it’s probably time for a replacement.  Especially if there’s evidence of rust or scale.

There are other reasons for a replacement rather than a repair as well.  With an add-on or remodeling, you may want added capacity.  Or you may want to invest for energy savings.

Annual Maintenance

Most people ignore their water heater until it breaks down.  You shouldn’t.  Leading manufacturers recommend an annual drain and flush to remove sediment.  That improves efficiency, gives you more hot water, and helps the heater last longer.  We can provide preventive maintenance along with a performance and safety inspection for a surprisingly low cost.

Replacement Installation

Our professional water heater installation services make sure everything’s working properly — safely and efficiently — for the best performance, highest reliability, and longest lifetime.  For gas models that includes proper venting.

It’s tempting to go for a large size, but over-sizing greatly reduces efficiency.  So it’s likely your replacement will be a similar tank size and heating capacity.  But we can analyze your use for a perhaps better fit.  If you need more capacity, adding a small tankless water heater may be a better choice than a larger replacement.

TIP:  The warranty period is a pretty good indicator of quality and expected lifetime.  Needless to say models with longer warranties (and higher efficiencies) are a bit more expensive.

You should also consider high-performance Energy Star models.  These typically use 25% less energy than the economy and older models.  Other features, such as low-NOX and flame arrestors, may be required by local codes.  We’ll let you know if these apply.

Whatever make and model you choose our water heater installation specialists will disconnect and haul away your old one and install the new one to fully meet code, with earthquake straps and drip pan.  We’ll take care of permits and will double-check that everything’s working properly before we leave.  Most replacements, residential and commercial, take just a few hours.

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