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    Repipe/Repiping is the process of replacing the pipes in a home. It is not a temporary patch or fix or the replacement of a short section of pipe. Repiping is a long term solution to serious pipe problems. It is the complete replacement of your plumbing supply system.


Repiping may become necessary over time with normal wear and tear.
Below are four signs that indicate repiping is recommended:

  • Change in water color: Your water may acquire a reddish tint when rust is present
  • Decrease in water quality: Water quality suffers as pipes react with the chemicals in the water and corrode.
  • Low water pressure: This occurs when toilets on the property fail to fill properly.
  • Old piping: Older pipes will need to be replaced. There are several durable materials to choose from. If you are constantly having problems with your existing pipes, replacing them may be the most cost-effective option.

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PEX is a durable, versatile, high-density plastic which is quickly becoming America’s favorite repipe material. PEX repipes require fewer fittings and less labor to install than rigid metal pipes. Because we use the highest quality PEX on the market, our PEX pipes will not corrode, scale, freeze or develop pinhole leaks.

If it’s time to repipe, call ASAP Plumbing Services for professional solutions that will ensure safe and efficient water flow throughout your property.

The First to Offer a Lead-free Plumbing System

In 2009, Uponor was the first to offer a lead-free plumbing system from inlet to faucet. Today, our flexible, durable, crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) tubing coupled with our proven engineered polymer (EP) and lead-free* brass fittings provide your home with a safe, clean and healthy system for transporting water.

And because Uponor plumbing systems do not use torches, glues, chemicals or solvents like traditional copper and CPVC systems, it provides another win for the environment – keeping dangerous chemicals out of our plumbing systems and groundwater.


  • Meets national lead-free legislation
  • Exceeds the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act
  • No use of torches, glues, chemicals or solvents that are bad for the environment
  • Backed by a 25-year limited warranty on PEX tubing and ProPEX fittings
  • Complete line of lead-free brass transition fittings, valves and wall boxes that carry the NSF us-pw-G marking for lead-free compliance
  • Comprehensive EP fitting offering that contains zero lead


  • PEX-a tubing is currently the leading crosslinked tubing on the market. It is the most flexible of all the PEX tubing types. This flexibility allows for the tightest bend radius possible, which can be as little as 31 ⁄2″ for 1 ⁄2″ tubing.

    EX-a also has little or no coil memory which greatly lowers the risk of kinks. Its high thermal memory means that if any kinks do occur it can easily be fixed with a simple shot of heat from a heat gun. Shape memory ensures a much stronger connect due to the fact that it can expand and then shrink back to its original size, creating a durable and reliable fitting connection. Finally, it is much more resistant to crack propagation than PEX-b and PEX-c tubing. Effectively this mean cracks a less likely to grow over time and cause leaks or damage.

  • In summary, here is a list of the features and benefits of PEX-a:

    • Most flexible
    • Smallest bend radius
    • Least likely to kink
    • Thermal memory
    • Shape memory
    • Highest degree of crosslinking
    • Greater resistance to crack propagation

Uponor PEX-a Tubing & ProPEX Connections



What is Kitec?

Sold between 1995 and 2007, Kitec is a piping system that was used both for carrying water throughout a home and supplying water to radiant heating systems. The Kitec system used brass fittings as well as blue and orange flexible piping, which was made from a mixture of polyurethane and aluminum. This system was initially thought to be a superior product to copper piping because the Kitec pipes are more flexible, easier to install and less expensive than copper. In fact, many plumbers pushed for the use of Kitec over copper piping before it became apparent that the product was faulty.

What can clients get from the class action settlement?

If your clients have bought a home and discovered that it has Kitec in it, they might have trouble getting your home insured — it all depends on the insurance company. According to a 2013 article from the Nova Scotia Association of Realtors about the dangers of Kitec: “Insurance companies assess risks based on their own claims experience, and some larger companies have not had enough bad experiences with Kitec to deny insurance. Some companies are denying insurance, however, most likely because they are not relying solely on their own claims experience, but avoiding all possible risks.”

Even if clients haven’t been denied home insurance because of the product, they should still be able to receive compensation from IPEX in order to help them replace the Kitec.

In 2011, three class action lawsuits — one in the US, one in Québec and one covering the rest of Canada — were brought against IPEX on behalf on anyone who owns or had previously owned a home with Kitec in it. In 2012, all parties reached a settlement in which IPEX was forced to create a settlement account of $ 125 million (U.S. dollars) in order to compensate the claimants.

The settlement became effective as of January 9, 2012, and the deadline for filing a claim against IPEX is January 9, 2020, so if you believe your clients might deserve compensation, ask them to visit kitecsettlement.com to see whether they are eligible and to find out how to make a claim.

PEX tubing is cross-linked polyethylene pipe.

It is an excellent material for plumbing, as it is durable for both hot and cold temperatures.

It is also an exceptional piping option for all types of water systems and does not burst when the temperatures rise or fall.

PEX tubing is rated for potable water and is safe for use in drinking water applications. The installation process for the tubing pipes requires less labor, which makes the systems less expensive. However, PEX cannot be used for exposed outdoor plumbing, because the tubing can be damaged easily by Ultra Violet (UV) rays from the sun.

Advantages of PEX piping:

At least three times cheaper than Copper Can be installed into any pre-existing plumbing system Works with hot and cold water applications Fewer fittings needed for installation Corrosion resistant, due to non-ferrous components Applicable to be connected to all types of piping Can expand and retract, making it less prone to bursting Flexibility allows for easy installation around corners Lightweight of tubing aids in installation Does not allow miner scaling Eliminates water hammer possibilities.

Knowing the types of plumbing pipes in your home lets you take steps to prevent leaks, flooding, and potential health hazards. Nothing lasts forever, and that includes the plumbing pipes in your home. To prevent health hazards, check for lead pipes.

Check for Polybutylene Polybutylene piping

It is a gray, plastic plumbing material used from the 1970s through the 1990s—is extremely prone to breakage. It’s commonly found in homes in the Sun Belt, the Mid-Atlantic states, and the Pacific Northwest.

If you suspect your home has polybutylene pipes, have a plumber inspect the system immediately. You can’t assess their condition with a simple visual check, as the exterior of the pipes may appear fine. Chlorinated water causes these pipes to flake from the inside out, which ultimately results in the pipes failing without warning.

Get the Lead Out Lead pipes, used in the early 1900s, have a life expectancy of 100 years, but they can leach lead into your drinking water, a potential health hazard. Lead pipes are typically dull gray and the surface of the pipe can be easily scratched with a knife or key.

If you suspect that your home has lead water pipes, have the water tested. If results show the lead content at 15 parts per billion (15 ppb) or more, call in a professional plumber to replace your home’s lead pipes.

Other signs your pipes need to be replaced include: Flaking, discoloration, or dimpling in your pipes Rusty colored or odd smelling water Leaks and water stains


We are BBB® Accredited and utilize the latest techniques and technology to find the right solution for your re-piping needs. We are always courteous of the homes or businesses we visit and operate in a clean , officiant and friendly manner.

We guarantee our work and always strive to make sure you are completely satisfied with the job we do. In addition, we offer various specials including $3898 2 Bathroom Pex Repipe. Call us today at 480-800-7611!

When Should You Get Your House Re–piped?

Old plumbing in is vulnerable to leaks & cracks. If you have just moved into a new home, you need to have the house plumbing inspected right away. Here's some reasons why you want to get repiping services from ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning in Chandler.

  • Clogged pipes with mineral deposits
  • Old piping has leaks or cracked
  • Rust or sediment is in the pipes
  • Corroded Pipes

Chandler AZ Repiping Options

If you have an old home it may have copper pipes. Either way, there are a options available to you in the Chandler who are interested in repiping services.

Copper is the standard piping material for most homes. However, In colder climates it can also freeze. And it has become extremely expensive.

There are a number of PVC pipes that can be used for plumbing your house. These plastic pipes are fairly flexible and cheap but they are very vulnerable to cracking.

PEX is a fairly new type of piping material that is becoming more popular. It is vulnerable to sunlight so it has to either be buried or installed in dark areas. It is environmentally friendly, flexible and provides better insulation.

Chandler, AZ Repiping Services

Repiping requires years of experience and training in order to properly remove the old pipe and replace it with new pipe. That is why you should call ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning in Chandler for repiping services on your home. Chandler Repiping is a great way to potentially increase the value of your house.

The Chandler plumbers at ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning have years of experience working with piping materials of all kinds and are highly trained. No matter how old your home is, our plumbers can get in there and quickly remove your old pipes. We’ll install new ones that will bring clean, fresh water into your house. Give us a call today to learn more.




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