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Benjamin R.Benjamin R.

Received a notice from the city that I had a leak. Did some troubleshooting myself and found out it was the main, and needed someone to fix it fast. I...

Jon BJon B

I recently moved to Arizona about a year ago and I was interested in getting a Water Softener System, but I just wasn't sure what to do. After some research, I found that Water Softener Systems are used in areas of the world where the water is hard (you can see this when you wash dishes and the minerals (white spots and blotches) are left behind after the water dries). From here, I reached out to a few companies to find our prices and how the process is completed. From the companies I looked at, ASAP Plumbing was the best. They had the best price and the technician doing the install (Chet) was super knowledgeable about the process as well as what is needed to complete the process. Also, with ASAP being a local plumbing company, they also utilize a local company to purchase the water softeners from which is very nice for myself as I try to support local businesses as much as possible. After the install was completed, I noticed the change and softness of the water within a few hours. I've had the system for about a month and it is working well. For anyone who wants to get one, I would recommend that you do your research, find out what is best for your home, and then reach out to companies that can install a Water Softener System. For me, that company was ASAP Plumbing and I can say without a doubt that the work that was done was exceptional and of good quality.

Roxy BaldwinRoxy Baldwin

I can’t remember being pleased enough with repairs done in my home that I actually took the time or trouble to write a letter saying ‘thank you.’ When you were here, you took the time to explain things well enough for me to get an idea of what was going to be done. Also, you arrived on time. Then everything occurred according to the schedule and plans we arrived at. I appreciated having the large crew here, so that the job was completed in one day. They were all pleasant, seemed to enjoy their work, and still had smiles on their faces when we were just finishing the final walk-through a few hours later. Thank you ASAP Plumbing for making this easier than expected.


Needed to get our water heater inspected and repaired for our move out. ASAP was quick & communicative. Chet was very receptive of what needed to be done. Once he was in the scene, he was quick, knowledgeable & transparent. Considering the experiences I’ve had with plumbers in the past, this was definitely the best. Not to mention, Chet was a super cool guy. Would highly recommend ASAP (but especially Chet!)

Ken PageKen Page

Check from ASAP actually came out a hour before the scheduled time. Chet was one of the most friendly and informative repair men I have ever used. Chet fixed a very difficult job saving me several hundred dollars. We will definitely use ASAP again, Chet is our man

m wm w

I had multiple quotes from reputable plumbing companies for a whole house re-pipe job but ASAP had the very best first impression. Jon came out about an hour after my call and provided me with a quote that was about 2 times lower of what the other guys charge. I did some research and had some questions - of course . Every time you call them to get answers, you either have someone on the phone immediately or they call you back within minutes. I hired them and Jordan and Nina came out and got the job done as promised at the price quoted. I am very impressed with how I was treated and valued as a customer. There was never a moment when I felt that they only wanted to make a quick buck. There were some minor (expected) problems after the job was done but it only took a phone call and about 2 hours later it was fixed. I am very impressed, satisfied and I don't think my experience with ASAP could be any more perfect.