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Chandler, Gilbert, & Phoenix AZ Drain Cleaning Services

ASAP Plumbing and AC offers drain cleaning services 7 days a week. We inspect drains and pipes, clear blockages, and get your plumbing system going. Drain cleaning is not rocket science but it does require skill.

Our technicians bring the latest drain cleaning equipment to every service call. Our technicians have the experience to handle any sewer or drain clog that have become impacted with roots or other debris. Our specialized tools will get your drain moving again fast!

ASAP Plumbing prides itself in providing superior service at all hours. Your time and property are valuable and no one can afford to wait indefinitely for repairs. Small problems can quickly become big emergencies. Never insert anything into a pipe or drain! This can push the blockage further into the pipe.

Call ASAP Plumbing and AC when you see slow drainage to avoid a big clog & overflow. We can free up your stopped drain quickly and effectively for an affordable price. We specialize in drain cleaning. Don’t waste your money on those harsh chemicals that don’t work. Call ASAP Plumbing and AC the drain-cleaning experts.

Expert Hydro Jet Services in Chandler and Phoenix for all Commercial Restaurants and Industrial Buildings

Nobody Likes a Blocked Drain.

If you are facing a problem with clogged drains, cracked sewer pipe or a shower or toilet that is not draining, don’t hesitate to call ASAP Plumbing. We are a family owned and operated plumbing company specializing in drain cleaning and rooter services. Our owners have over 28 years of combined experience.

Serving Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix and surrounding areas, we’ll get to your problem fast! Call today at 480-800-7611 for same day service. If your drains are slowing down or your sewer line is leaking, call us today. We’ll have your drains unclogged in no time with our same-day service and our response time is within 60 to 90 minutes. Your system will be back up and running in no time. From grease traps to toilet clogs or main sewer replacement call your Phoenix drain cleaning specialist today. The whole system can become clogged up. This can cause other problems such as broken pipes. A very small crack or break in a pipe or drain is enough to cause a massive buildup and will repeat itself if not rectified.

Video camera pipe inspections are indeed some of the smart tools our plumbers have on their vans. This equipment makes it easy for our plumbers to have an accurate look inside your home’s plumbing system because it makes it possible and quite easy for plumbers to pinpoint small clogs and leaks with ease. We utilize special cleaning technology that helps us safely and permanently eliminate clogs, blockages and a host of other debris that are trapped in your drains. Clogs and leaks star small but they can very quickly expand into huge problems. A smart way to locate and eliminate such issues before they create any bigger problems is by having your drains and sewer lines inspected and maintained regularly.

Rooter Services

Whatever the cause of your clog, caused by hair to grease to tree roots that have snaked their way into underground pipes, you can count on ASAP’s drain snaking rooters and sewer snaking augers to knock it out with ease. With expert sewer and drain cleaning, the tree roots are removed and the damage to the pipes is repaired.

Got an extra stubborn clogs in your toilet? Or a huge blockage in your main sewer line? Some clogs are too much for ordinary drain cleaning service, but fortunately, no clog is too big for ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning! If you live in or around Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Peoria, Avondale, Goodyear, Glendale, and all other Surrounding Metro Area and you’ve had enough by slow drains and clogs that just won’t go away, call us at 480-800-7611 for rooting service today!

Rooter Service You Can Count On

When you need rooter service, Our high-quality rooter machines and the best drain-cleaning equipment can knock out the toughest clogs you have, including:

  • Kitchen Rooter Services

    Whether it’s grease buildup, a backup from the dishwasher, or food particles you’ll never know what’s going to cause your kitchen sink to clog up. If your kitchen drain is clogged up and you need something powerful to clear out the clog, call us for any kitchen drain rooting today!

  • Bathroom Rooter Services

    Bathroom clogs are usually nasty build ups of hair, soap scum and other grime, and, of course, clogged toilets with toilet paper or by non-flushable items that find their way into the drain.

    Fortunately, you can spare yourself all the trouble to handle any bathroom plumbing emergency by calling us for bathroom clog rooting!

  • Sewer rooter services

    Sewer line clogs are usually caused by root infiltration, these are no match for ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning! If all drains in your home are backing up all at once, you probably have a backup in your main sewer line. We can remove any size clog and get your plumbing back to normal, without the need for expensive digging!

Contact Us Today at 480-800-7611!

What You Can Expect from ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning Rooter Service

  • On-Time Fast & Friendly Service

    We know you’re busy and we value your time. We will make sure to schedule an appointment time to meet you and complete your rooter service and we’ll show up right on time!

  • Clean & Green

    We don’t only aim to meet and even exceed what you need, but we are also doing our part to meet the every-changing needs of the environment. Our safety-conscious workers wear sanitary booties and keep your family’s house clean.

  • The Plumbers’ Plumber

    Your rooter service job will sure be done right the first time and have peace of mind you made the right decision for choosing ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning.

    You can count on the fact that we’ll put our experience and expert knowledge to work for you.

  • Experts You Can Trust

    ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning are the trusted Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee plumbing experts you’ve been searching for with the customer service you deserve!

Drain Cleaning / Clogged Drains

We provide commercial & residential sewer drain services in Chandler including camera inspection, drain cleaning services, unclogging, and pipe repair for shower, kitchen drains, and sink drains, main lines, laundry drains, & outside area drains.

Hydro-jet Drain Cleaning

If the backup is severe than a typical rooter service, the next step is to flush the drain line with our 400psi hydro-jet jetter equipment. The hydro-jet is ideal for grease or waste that is highly compacted in the drain line and cannot be freed by a snake alone. The hydro-jet pushes a significant amount of pressure and liquid down the drain to break through the compacted buildup. The hydro-jet is also ideal to remove a small to moderate infestation of roots that may be growing in the drain line.

Drain Rooter Service

This is ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning most common drain cleaning service in Chandler where we put a commercial grade snake down the drain line to remove waste build-up. If you have a toilet backup but all other drains are draining fine, then a cheaper auger service is all you need to clear the clogs and get it draining properly again.

Keep Your Drains Clear From Backup

While some products indicate they are flushable, we often find these products do not fully make it all the way through the drain pipes and instead build up and cause drains to drain slowly or not at all. To keep your drains clear, we recommend that items such as paper towels, wipes and feminine products be placed in the trash instead of the drain.

If you are experiencing slow drainage in your shower, check out our home plumbing tip on how to remove hair and debris that may be built up right under the base of your shower drain.

Sewer Camera Inspection Service

Does your drain clog often? While it is pretty common for a drain line to back up on occasion, if your drain lines are clogging frequently or immediately following a snake or hydro-jet service, there may be a crack or collapse in the drain line. Our sophisticated sewer camera will allow you to see just what is going on in the drain line. During the sewer camera inspection, our experienced plumber will walk you through an analysis of what is taking place and preventing your drain system from working. We will provide a USB color recording of the sewer camera inspection along with a recommendation on how to resolve any issues found. Our sewer camera inspection service is also good for locating and tracing sewer lines for remodeling home or commercial remodeling projects.

Sewer Pipe Repair If your sewer drain pipes have collapsed, corroded, closed up, or cracked, you will most likely need to repair, replace, or reline a section or the entire drain pipe. Our plumbers will assess and discuss your sewer pipe repair options and make a recommendation for your specific situation.

Drain and Sewer Repair, Installation, & Maintenance in Chandler

ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning in Chandler has years of experience offering high quality and comprehensive drain and sewer installation, repair and maintenance in Chandler. If you’re having trouble with the drains in your home, it could be because of a serious blockage or crack in your drain system.

ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning can remove that blockage using water jet technology and video camera inspection. We can also replace your drain entirely. When your sewer line needs to be replaced, make sure you call ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning as well. We can use trenchless techniques to replace your sewer line or install a new one for you. Give us a call today to learn about all of our drain and sewer services in Chandler.

Learn About our Drain and Sewer Services in Chandler

If your shower, toilet or sink has stopped draining properly it might be time to call ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning for drain cleaning in Chandler. Having your drains cleaned regularly is a great way to make sure that they don’t suddenly stop working one day. At ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning we offer video camera inspection and water jet cleaning equipment that allows us to thoroughly inspect your drain and clean them out. Give us a call today to learn more about the drain cleaning that we offer in Chandler, AZ.

Video Pipe InspectionASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning provides video camera pipe inspection in Chandler. That’s why video camera pipe inspection is such a useful and critical tool for the expert plumbers at ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning. It lets us actually see inside your plumbing system so we know exactly what we’re dealing with and where it is. Give us a call today to find out more about this awesome technology and how we can use it to improve the plumbing system in your house.

Main Water Line Services – The expert plumbers at ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning offer water line replacement services in Chandler. Water line replacement can be an expensive and disruptive procedure for your house. That’s why you want to work with a company that has years of experience working with all different types of houses and water lines. Our plumbers know what they’re doing and can replace your water line as quickly and as smoothly as possible. We also offer trenchless water line replacement services throughout the Chandler, AZ area.

Sewer Line Replacement – The sewer line in your house gets used every single day. While sewer lines are fairly robust, you will eventually need to replace it. If that time has come for you, make sure you call ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning. We provide complete sewer line replacement services. In most cases, our plumbers can use a trenchless method of sewer line replacement that is much less intrusive and faster. Call ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning today to learn more about the high quality sewer line replacement services that we offer in Chandler.

Trenchless TechnologyASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning provides quick and high quality trenchless drain replacement and repair in Chandler. With the traditional method of drain replacement, your whole yard would have to be dug up. When you call ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning for drain replacement or repair, we use a trenchless method that is much less intrusive into your daily life. With this method, only two small holes need to be dug to replace your drain. Call ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning today to learn more about how this technology works.

Scour Jet Services – Over time, the drains in your house can start to clog or crack from wear and tear. Whether it’s a child’s toy that got flushed down the toilet or years of soap scum, hair and other debris that has collected in your drains, drain cleaning will eventually be required. The Scour Jet is a unique piece of equipment that produces a very high pressure stream of water. The water pressure is able to break up most clogs that are in your pipes and leave them sparkling clean. If your drains aren’t working like they used to, call the expert plumbers at ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning to learn about our Scour Jet draining cleaning services.

Sewer Ejector Pump Services – In most circumstances, liquid flows downhill because of gravity. However, in some houses, either because the plumbing wasn’t installed correctly or because it logistically wasn’t possible, the drains don’t flow downhill. This can cause sewage and drain back ups in your house. In these cases, a sewage ejector pumpis needed to push the sewage out of the house.

Typically, this is the case if you have a laundry room, sink or bathroom that is located below the grade of your property. If you are experiencing slow drainage, call the expert plumbers at ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning. We offer quick & expert sewage ejector installation, repair and maintenance in Chandler.

Drain and Sewer Services in Chandler

Most people don’t realize it, but their drain and sewer system is one of the most important components in their house. That’s why ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning pays so much attention to the quality of our workmanship when it comes to your house’s drain and sewer system. We provide comprehensive drain and sewer systems in Chandler.

No matter what kind of problem you’re having, whether it’s a cracked drain pipe or a clogged sewer line, our expert plumbers can fix it. We also offer new sewer line installation and replacement services for our customers in the Chandler, AZ area. We use some of the most advanced technology available to inspect your drains and sewer system for leaks, cracks or dents. Call ASAP Plumbing & Air Conditioning today.




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