Expert Sewer Cleanout Installation Services in Phoenix, Arizona by ASAP Plumbing

Having a sewer cleanout is crucial for addressing clogged sewer lines, yet many homeowners are unaware of its location or if their home even has one. If you’re in this situation, ASAP Plumbing in Phoenix, Arizona, is here to assist. We specialize in locating existing sewer cleanouts and can also install one if your home lacks this essential feature.

Understanding Sewer Cleanouts A sewer cleanout, as the name suggests, is a specific fixture installed in your sewer line, primarily intended for line cleaning and clog removal. It offers convenient access for maintenance tasks, such as using a sewer drain snake or conducting hydro-jetting. Moreover, a sewer cleanout is indispensable for inserting cameras into the sewer line for thorough visual inspections. This simple yet effective component can greatly simplify sewer maintenance and emergency interventions.

Benefits of having a sewer cleanout

  • Easy Access for Maintenance: With a sewer cleanout, you can quickly address any blockages or issues without causing any disruption inside the home.
  • Cost-Effective: Over time, avoiding major repairs caused by unknown or inaccessible blockages can save homeowners significant amounts of money.
  • Efficient Inspections: As technology progresses, visual inspections using cameras become more common. A cleanout provides direct access for such inspections, allowing for a thorough analysis of the sewer line condition.
  • Prevents Major Blockages: Having easy access means homeowners are more likely to schedule regular cleanings, preventing major blockages and backups.

What to do if you can’t locate your sewer cleanout?

The sewer clean out is typically located in between the home, and the city sewer or septic tank. Typically the clean out protrudes an inch or two past the surface of the ground. It is most commonly white or black. It can also be covered with a metal plate and screw. If the foundation of the home is elevated, the sewer cleanout may be just under the outside edge of the foundation.

If you cannot locate your sewer cleanout, don’t panic. Sometimes, due to landscaping or overgrown vegetation, the cleanout may be hidden. You can

  • Check Your Home’s Blueprints: If you have access to your home’s blueprints or property plans, they may indicate the location of the sewer cleanout.
  • Contact the Previous Owner: If you’ve recently moved into the home, the previous homeowner may know the location.
  • Seek Professional Assistance: A plumbing professional from ASAP Plumbing can use specialized tools and their expertise to locate the cleanout or recommend the installation of a new one if necessary.

Sewer Cleanout Installation Services:

If your home’s plumbing system does not have a sewer cleanout, contact ASAP Plumbing today, and we will be happy to install one for you. We can also take care of any other plumbing problems that you have. We are fully licensed and insured and have been providing every day service to all of Maricopa County since 2014.

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What is a Sewer Cleanout?

Navigating the intricate plumbing network of a home can be perplexing, especially when encountering sewer line issues. A fundamental element in this vast maze, often overlooked, is the sewer cleanout. With ASAP Plumbing leading the way, understanding, locating, and utilizing sewer cleanouts has never been easier.

Simply put, a sewer cleanout is a crucial access point in your plumbing system that facilitates the efficient cleaning and servicing of sewer lines. These entry points allow plumbers to easily tackle blockages, ensure smooth flow, and maintain overall sewer line health.

Why Every Home Needs a Sewer Cleanout:

  • Prompt Blockage Removal: Using specialized tools, a sewer cleanout permits rapid removal of obstructions, restoring optimal flow.
  • Inspection Made Easy: Essential for regular maintenance, the cleanout provides a point to deploy camera inspections, ensuring your sewer lines are in top condition.
  • Reduced Service Time: With a readily accessible cleanout, plumbers can swiftly diagnose and rectify issues, saving homeowners both time and money.



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