Laundry Drain Cleaning Services

Most people find their laundry room to be indispensable. Without it, they would have to use a laundry service or go to a Laundromat. As valuable as laundry rooms are, though, they can become a problem when the laundry room plumbing isn’t working properly. Fortunately, we are here to help with any plumbing problems that you might have. ASAP Plumbing provides affordable laundry drain cleaning services to all Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert Arizona and surrounding areas.

Laundry Drain Clogs

Laundry room plumbing problems often occur as a result of laundry drain clogs. This problem may manifest itself in one of several ways. First, your clothes washer may still have water in it after it completes a cycle because it is unable to push the water through a clogged drain. Second, you may have water on your floor or walls. You may also notice unpleasant odors associated with the buildup of bacteria in clogged drain lines.

Washer Drain Hose Cleaning

If your clothes washer isn’t draining properly, it could be because your washer drain hose is clogged. To check it, you will need to disconnect the hose from the back of your washing machine and remove the other end of the hose from the wall drain. Some people will be comfortable doing this while others would rather have a professional plumber do it for them. If your drain hose is clogged, you should be able to remove the clog and replace the hose.

Laundry Drain Cleaning

If your washer drain hose is clear, your wall drain may be clogged and will need to be cleaned. Even if you were able to check your drain hose unassisted, you will probably want us to perform any laundry drain cleaning needed to make sure that it is done properly so that problems don’t suddenly reoccur.


Laundry drain clogs can prevent you from being able to use your laundry room. If you need laundry drain cleaning services, contact us today, and we will be happy to schedule a service call. We can also help you with any other laundry room plumbing tasks, such as replacing your washer supply line hoses or cleaning the drain that goes to your laundry sink.