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At ASAP Plumbing, we proudly stand as the leading provider of trenchless sewer repair services in Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona. We recognize the immense inconvenience and upheaval that sewer problems can bring to your daily life. That’s why our focus is on cutting-edge trenchless repair methods, ensuring a swift, efficient solution with minimal intrusion into your property.

In today’s world, the approach to complex plumbing challenges has evolved significantly. No longer does fixing a major sewer issue mean turning your yard upside down. Thanks to the advancement in trenchless technology, maintaining the beauty and integrity of your home while effectively addressing sewer line repairs and replacements is more feasible than ever.

Spotting the Signs Key symptoms like slow-draining sinks or multiple fixtures backing up simultaneously are telltale signs of deeper sewer line complications. These indicators should not be overlooked. If you’re experiencing such issues, it’s critical to act promptly. Whether it’s time for an inspection, cleaning, or repair of your sewer pipes, addressing these signs early can save you from more extensive problems down the line.

The Trenchless Advantage

Traditional sewer repair methods often required extensive excavation, leaving homeowners with the additional cost and hassle of yard and driveway restoration. Trenchless methods have revolutionized this process by:

  • Minimizing Damage: No need to excavate your entire yard. Today’s techniques often require just one or two small access points.
  • Saving Time: Trenchless methods are often quicker, meaning less downtime and inconvenience for you.
  • Cost-Efficiency: With reduced labor and no need for post-repair restorations, trenchless repairs can be more wallet-friendly in the long run.
  • No-Dig Solutions: In specific cases, advancements even allow for completely no-dig solutions, making the process even less intrusive.

Take control of your sewer issues before they escalate. Embrace modern, efficient, and hassle-free solutions with ASAP Plumbing’s trenchless sewer line services. Restore the functionality of your plumbing system and the tranquility of your home.

Contact ASAP Plumbing and experience the future of sewer repair and replacement, today. Let’s keep your yard beautiful and your drains flowing smoothly.

Trenchless Sewer Repair and Replacement: The Future of Plumbing

In the ever-evolving realm of plumbing, ASAP Plumbing introduces an innovative solution that epitomizes modernity: Trenchless Sewer Repair and Replacement. Say goodbye to the extensive mess and lengthy procedures. This cutting-edge method, combined with our unbeatable prices and unmatched service, is fast becoming the top choice for discerning homeowners and businesses.

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Our Trenchless Sewer Repair Solutions:

  • Pipe Lining: Also known as Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP), this method involves creating a new, seamless pipe within the old one. It’s an ideal solution for repairing cracks, holes, and joint issues.
  • Pipe Bursting: Perfect for severely damaged pipes, this technique replaces the old pipe by breaking it apart while simultaneously pulling through a new one.
  • Point Repair: For localized damage, point repair is a cost-effective method that focuses on fixing specific sections of the sewer line without needing to reline the entire pipe.
  • Hydro Jetting: A preventive and cleaning solution, hydro jetting uses high-pressure water to clear blockages and buildup, ensuring smooth flow within your sewer lines.

The ASAP Trenchless Sewer Replace Advantage:

  • Free Estimates: We believe in transparency. Before diving in, get a comprehensive estimate, absolutely free!
  • Lifetime Warranty: Our confidence in our services is unwavering. This is why we offer a lifetime warranty on our trenchless sewer repair and replacement.
  • Inspection: We start with a meticulous camera inspection to pinpoint the issue.
  • Tailored Solutions: Whether it’s a liner insertion or pipe bursting, we customize solutions for optimal results.

Understanding Trenchless Technologies: Pipe Bursting vs. Pipe Lining

In today’s advanced plumbing world, the days of extensive digging and intrusive sewer line repairs are waning. Trenchless technologies, including pipe bursting and pipe lining, are at the forefront of modern plumbing solutions. Here’s a breakdown of these techniques and their benefits.

1. Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Method: Pipe bursting uses a specialized machine that travels through the existing pipe, causing it to burst open. Simultaneously, it pulls in a new, durable HDPE line inside the remains of the old pipe.

Access: This procedure typically requires access holes at both ends of the line, each spanning roughly 3 by 3 feet.


  • Complete Replacement: The old pipe is entirely replaced with a robust HDPE tube.
  • Durability: HDPE is a strong material with longevity.


  • Limitations: Not suitable for areas under concrete floor slabs.
  • Potential Disruption: Multiple holes might be required if there are several connecting drains, leading to increased costs and potential disruption.

2. Trenchless Pipe Lining

Method: Here, the original pipe remains intact. A resin-saturated felt tube is introduced and inflated, molding it to the inner surface of the existing pipe. The resin cures in about an hour, effectively creating a pipe within a pipe.

Access: Generally requires a single access hole.


  • Less Intrusive: Minimal digging is involved.
  • Smooth Flow: The liner’s seamless nature maintains a smooth flow rate.


  • Specific Limitations: Not ideal for collapsed pipes or those with sharp turns or non-round shapes.

Additional Benefits of Trenchless Technologies

  • Speed: Trenchless repairs are faster, removing the need for trenching equipment and subsequent landscape restoration.
  • Suitability: Both methods are apt for older clay sewer lines. Their jointless and smooth interiors resist clogging and are virtually impervious to tree root invasions.
  • Longevity: With warranties extending up to 50 years and lifetimes expected to be double, these solutions promise long-term peace of mind.

Trenchless solutions, offered by many modern plumbing services, prioritize efficiency and minimize disruption. So, the next time you face a sewer line issue, remember: there’s no need to tear up your property. Opt for trenchless technologies and ensure an effective, lasting solution.

Trenchless Sewer Repairs: How It Works, Access Points, and Applicability

Trenchless sewer repair is an innovative method that fixes sewer pipes without the need for extensive excavation. This approach not only saves time but also preserves your landscape and infrastructure. Here’s how it works and when it’s applicable.

How Trenchless Sewer Repair Works:

  • Initial Inspection: The process begins with a sewer camera inspection to diagnose the issue and determine the condition of the pipes.
  • Access Points: Trenchless repair typically requires one or two small access points, often at the beginning and end of the section needing repair. These are strategically placed to minimize disruption.
  • Cleaning the Pipes: The existing pipes are cleaned, usually with hydro jetting, to remove debris and ensure a smooth surface for the repair.
  • Repair Methods: Depending on the issue, different trenchless techniques are used:
  • Pipe Lining (CIPP): A resin-saturated liner is inserted into the damaged pipe and inflated, adhering to the pipe’s interior. Once cured, it forms a new, seamless pipe within the old one.
  • Pipe Bursting: A bursting head is pulled through the old pipe, breaking it apart, and simultaneously, a new pipe is pulled into place.

When to Use Trenchless Sewer Repair:

  • Pipe Damage: Trenchless repair is ideal for pipes that have cracks, breaks, or root intrusions but have not completely collapsed.
  • Avoiding Excavation: When pipes are located under landscaped yards, driveways, or structures, trenchless repair prevents the need for disruptive excavation.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: In many cases, trenchless repair is more cost-effective than traditional methods, especially when considering the avoided costs of landscape or infrastructure repair.

Limitations of Trenchless Repair:

  • Severely Collapsed Pipes: If a sewer pipe is completely collapsed, trenchless repair may not be feasible, and excavation might be necessary.
  • Local Regulations: Some localities may have regulations that affect the use of trenchless repair methods. Always check with local authorities.

Trenchless sewer repair offers a less invasive, more efficient alternative to traditional repair methods. By understanding how it works and its applicability, you can make informed decisions about your sewer repair needs.



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Frequent Asked Questions

Trenchless sewer repair is a method of repairing or replacing sewer pipes without the need for extensive excavation. Techniques such as pipe lining (CIPP) and pipe bursting are used to repair or replace the damaged pipe from small access points, minimizing disruption to your property.

Trenchless sewer repair is generally faster and less invasive than traditional methods. It causes less damage to landscaping, driveways, and sidewalks, and often can be completed in a day or less. It’s also typically more cost-effective in the long run, considering the reduced labor and restoration costs.

Trenchless sewer repair is suitable for many types of pipe damage, including cracks, leaks, and partial collapses. However, it may not be appropriate for pipes that are completely collapsed or for systems with complex layouts. A professional inspection can determine if trenchless repair is feasible for your situation.

The lifespan of a trenchless sewer repair can vary based on the materials used and the condition of the existing pipes, but generally, you can expect a trenchless repair to last for several decades. Some methods, like CIPP lining, can extend the life of your sewer line by up to 50 years.