Sewer Line Locating

Are you needing your sewer line located? Perhaps you are renovating your backyard by installing a pool, drilling fence posts, excavating dirt, adding on a bathroom, or numerous other projects that require you to know where your sewer line is. Luckily new technology allows us to pinpoint the location of your sewer line with amazing accuracy. No more guesswork! We use state of the art Camera and locating technology to pinpoint any sewer or drain locations.

How We Use Camera Technology for Sewer Line Locating

To locate a sewer or drain line we begin with access. Sometimes access is already available via ground level or wall clean-outs, or sometimes vent stacks. If access is not available, we can always install clean-outs, or pull a toilet. The next step is running the camera. We insert it through our access point and monitor its location on our camera’s screen. The head of the camera emits a frequency which is easily tracked with our locators. From there, it’s as simple as locating the camera head. This process is incredibly accurate. The locator, paired with the camera, allows us to track anywhere throughout the sewer line.

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Locating a Blockage within a Sewer Line

There are often times you need to locate a blockage within your sewer or drain lines. Using a similar process, the technician runs his camera through an access point. With the monitor, he is sometimes able to see the obstruction located in the sewer line. These obstructions range from tree root intrusion, to even broken pipes. Sometimes however, if the line is holding water due to it backing up, the technician is unable to see with the camera. In this situation he runs his camera until he hits the blockage. From there, it’s as simple as locating where the camera head stops. This allows us to pinpoint the problem area, and provide estimates for repair where needed.

Advantages of Camera Technology in Sewer Line Locating

Using cameras to locate sewer lines and sewer line blockages is a precise science. No guesswork is required. Using this technology, we are able to give accurate diagnosis, and exact solutions for repairs. This allows us to be minimally invasive when repairs are needed. Camera technology also allows for peace of mind, knowing there are no underlying issues in your sewer and drain system. Additionally, locating the sewer line can benefit you even if you have no need for repairs.

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