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Water Heaters

Water Heater Repair & Installation in Chandler and Phoenix

Water Heater Repair & Installation Phoenix, AZ


2 Year Warranty on Water Heater Labor

6 Year Warranty on All Water Heater Tanks

  • Is your water heater acting up again?
  • Failing to get water at the desired temperature?
  • Think it’s time to replace your current unit?

A tankless water heater is probably one of the most important appliances in your home and truly it has numerous benefits – from reducing energy consumption to giving you the comfort of endless hot water. However, surely if you ever had one, some of these issues have occurred at some point:

No hot water

The water starts running but it is not hot. The first thing to do is to check the electric power, water and gas supply to the heater. Also see if the unit or water pipes are frozen. Bear in mind that the hot water needs time to reach the tap. The longer the distance between the heater and the tap the longer it will get for the hot water to reach it.

Water is too hot

Select the right temperature. Additionally, make sure the inlet filter is clean and there are no water path obstructions. Temperature sensors need to be firmly mounted and make contacts.

Low water pressure

Check for any obstructions in the fixture and water filter. Low pressure can also be caused by leaking pipe or leaking water heater. In order to exam this shut off all faucets and listen for running water. A broken water main can be another reason for experiencing low water pressure.

Recommended regular maintenance

Tankless water heaters can deliver many benefits for a household but so as to run smoothly a regular maintenance is required. One thing to remember is that the in-line screen filter should be cleaned periodically from any debris. Removing limescale is also important, the unit should be flushed once a year.

Expansion Tank

General Information – What is Thermal Expansion?

A standard tank water heater can stress your plumbing pipes by the normal thermal expansion that happens during the heating process. A safety device known as a water heater expansion tank(sometimes called a thermal expansion tank) can help minimize the risk of pressure damage to the plumbing system. (This is normally not a problem on modern on-demand, tankless water heaters–only tank-style heaters are subject to this problem.)


The water heater expansion tank serves as an overflow receptacle by absorbing excess water volume created by the tank water heater when heating water, as well as absorbing fluctuations in the incoming water supply pressure. Since water expands when it is heated due to thermal expansion, the water heater creates extra water volume every time it heats water. It’s estimated, for example, that the cold water in a standard 50-gallon water heater expands to 52 gallons when heated to 120°F. This extra water volume can create excess pressure in the plumbing system, and if the increased pressure is enough it may, over time, cause damage to The water heater, plumbing fixtures and the water pipes themselves.

Is a Water Heater Expansion Tank Necessary?

We’ve been getting more and more of our clients asking us whether a water heater expansion tank is necessary or not. The short answer: maybe. Should you get one? Probably so. In order to understand why a water heater expansion tank might be necessary for your home or business, you’ll first want to understand what the expansion tank does – and then the tell-tale signs that you need one.

What is a Water Heater Expansion Tank?

The purpose of a hot water heater expansion tank is to help eliminate changes in water pressure. Not only is fluctuating water pressure annoying for you, but it’s also really bad for your water heater and your entire plumbing setup. Your expansion tank is just a small water tank (usually with about a 2 gallon capacity) that is mounted near your current water heater and connected to the water line.

So how does a hot water expansion tank work?

When your main water heater warms up water, the water is going to expand (that’s just something that happens as water heats up). With nowhere for the excess water to go, pressure will quickly build up within your water heater – and that’s bad news. More pressure means more stress on your water heater, your pipes, and other fixtures connected to your plumbing.


That’s where the hot water expansion tank comes in.


The expansion tank gives the excess hot water a place to flow into, eliminating unnecessary stress on your hot water heater and saving you from inconsistent hot water pressure.

Is a Water Heater Expansion Tank Required by Law?
So is a water heater expansion tank necessary according to the law? Yes – sometimes. If you have a closed system, then you’ll likely be required to install an expansion tank. Even if you do not have a closed system, asking about a water heater expansion tank is still a great idea. You can usually get an expansion tank for under $50. If you’re wondering if a hot water expansion tank is necessary for your home or business, it doesn’t hurt to ask your local plumber the next time you have a water heater installed or repaired.

Contact ASAP Plumbing Services to find the most cost-effective solution. Our Chandler, Scottsdale, Tucson, Gilbert, Glendale or Phoenix, AZ water heater specialists will diagnose the problem and determine if a basic repair or a complete unit replacement is right for you.

Our Prices

  • $699 40 Gallon Gas Water Heater Tank and Install
  • $699 50 Gallon Gas Water Heater Tank and Install
  • $699 40 Gallon Electric Water Heater Tank and Install
  • $699 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater Tank and Install



Install on tank water heaters

Signs that You Need a Water Heater Expansion Tank

  • If you have a closed system.
  • If you have a pressure regulating valve or a check valve.
  • If you have noticed fluctuating high and low water pressure.
  • If your local city codes require you to have an expansion tank.
  • If you want your water heater to last as long as possible.

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