Professional Leak Detection Services

Have a leak you just can’t track down?  There’s a lot to be said for experience, but also the latest technologies.  Our electronic leak detection services specialists combine both for fast, economical location.  Do you suspect you have a leak but aren’t sure?  We’ll either put your mind at rest or track down and fix the problem.

Small water leaks may seem like small problems.  But if they’re hidden inside walls, in attics, under flooring, or other places they can cause a great deal of damage to your home or business property long before their presence becomes clearly visible.  A single slow drip can release hundreds of gallons per month, and some water leaks can suddenly become gushers.  So it’s important to catch these plumbing problems early.

It’s never a good time for plumbing problems so we provide fast-response 24/7 emergency services as well as same-day service appointments. ASAP Plumbing provides affordable leak detection services to all Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Arizona and surrounding areas. Schedule an appointment today.

Indications Of A Leak

Quite often the only sign that a residential plumbing or commercial plumbing system has a leak is a sudden jump in usage on the monthly water utility bill.  But if you hear running, spraying, or dripping water but can’t identify the source that’s likely an emergency situation calling for immediate attention (such as shutting off the main supply valve!).  Standing water and damp areas are also a pretty clear giveaway.  Otherwise, clues can be subtle.  Here are a few of the most common ones.

  • A drop in water pressure, most likely noticed at showers and sinks
  • Unexplained dampness, mold, or high indoor humidity
  • Water stains anywhere on floors, walls, or ceilings
  • Soggy or extra-green areas on the lawn
  • Any smell of sewage, indoors or out

TIP  Here are places to look for signs of leaky plumbing fixtures.

  • Clothes washer hoses
  • Around the washer, water heater, and dishwasher
  • Under sinks and inside kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Around toilets

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Hydrostatic (pressure) testing lets us know if you have a pipe or other leak anywhere, and is far more sensitive than testing using the utility’s water meter.  Visible evidence can be far from the actual leak, so considerable skill is often necessary to determine the location.  It could be within the building, a slab leak underneath a concrete floor, or underground outdoors.  Don’t accept a “sledgehammer” approach in tracking it down.  Our state-of-the-art electronic leak detection technology means we can accurately and non-destructively find the precise location.  That can save big-time on floor, wall, and pavement repairs.  It also lets us determine the most cost-effective and least-disruptive repair methods.  Here are the leading technologies


As water escapes a crack or hole it emits a distinct ultrasonic signature.  Special microphones pick up those sounds and electronics translate them into a range we can hear.  With both volume and instrument readings to guide us, we zero in on the source.


Revealing damp areas through temperature differences, special IR (infrared) digital cameras show differences of a tiny fraction of a degree, revealing an image of what lies beyond the surface.


It’s also possible to detect hidden dampness via its electrical effects on radio-frequency circuits.  Additionally, tracing out pipes behind walls, above ceilings, and below floors using a tiny radio transmitter has been a common practice for many years.


Any sewage leak is a health emergency.  Our in-pipe video cameras show us the location and nature of the problem.

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ASAP Plumbing

Our electronic leak detection experts begin with a complete inspection, performing a quick visual audit of all the most likely locations.  They may also isolate various sections of the plumbing system while performing pressure tests to narrow down the search.  They then use cutting-edge leak detection technology to pinpoint the location.  And we’ll be ready for immediate plumbing repairs.

Locally owned and operated we have competitive rates, and you’ll have a workmanship and satisfaction guarantee.