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You can count us to meet all your plumbing needs quickly, dependably, and honestly.  We can install, replace, repair, and maintain just about anything.  We’re the Glendale experts in drains and sewers, residential and commercial fixtures, water heaters, water softeners, and much more.  Our loyal customers love us for our fast response anytime 24/7, upfront pricing with diagnosis, and free service calls with repairs.  And of course our quality workmanship and customer satisfaction guarantee.


We use cabling (snaking) and augers for drain and sewer cleaning, clearing most clogs quickly and economically.  But no matter how skillfully done conventional drain cleaning can’t clean out every last bit of grease and grime.  And that can serve as a starting point for another blockage.  If you’ve experienced frequent problems we can go the extra mile with our special equipment.

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Should you ever need more than drain and sewer cleaning, we can also make repairs or replace the entire sewer line depending on the overall condition of the line as revealed by a sewer camera inspection. 


A spot repair typically involves digging a single hole and replacing a small section of the pipe.  A replacement used to involve digging a trench from your home or business out to the street.  And that often meant breaking apart walkways and driveways then repairing the damaged pavement.  That’s expensive and could take as much as a week.  But using the latest trenchless methods such as pipe bursting and pipelining, we can avoid all that disruption.  And it’s usually cheaper when the cost of digging and pavement restoration are considered.  Regardless of the technology, we’ll take care of Glendale permits and inspections.


Unlike many Glendale plumbers we can perform a video camera pipe inspection to see exactly what’s going on.  That’s especially important for sewer lines where we can identify separated joints, corrosion and cracks, roots, debris, sags, and so on.  We can burn a DVD so you can have a look yourself.


Then, if appropriate, our hydro-jetting equipment can scour the inside of pipes clean as new.  The latest technology advancement in the industry, it creates high-pressure jets of water that can even cut through tree roots and blast away the mineral scale.  That way, we can solve the toughest problems for good.

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Suddenly without hot water?  Or not enough?  Smelly or discolored?  Strange noises?  Our expert troubleshooters will make a few tests that lead straight to the problem for fast and economical repair.  Leaking tank?  Frequent repairs?  Well, past the warranty period?  Standard models last some 8 to 10 years.  If it’s time for a replacement, we can take care of that installation as well, typically in just a few hours.  All according to Glendale building and plumbing codes.

It’s tempting to just replace an old model with something that’s more or less the same.  But today’s products offer much lower energy use, and an upgrade may even be required to meet recent federal standards.  Consider going a step further to tankless water heaters.  Extremely compact, they can fit almost anywhere (even on an outside wall) and are ideal for providing additional capacity for a bathroom addition or major remodel.  Tankless, they use as much as 1/3 less energy, and when located near the point of use, they even save water — there’s no running the tap, waiting for hot water to make its way down a long pipe.  And they heat water continuously as you use it, so there’s no running out and waiting for a big tank to heat back up.

Our water heater services also include an annual check-up and flush-and-drain, as recommended by manufacturers for higher efficiency and a longer trouble-free equipment lifetime.


Water containing more than 3.5 grains per gallon of calcium and magnesium is considered hard.  At 17.5 gr/gal Glendale’s tap water is classified as very hard.  While that’s not a health hazard (some say it’s even a benefit), it’s a big problem.  The mineral scale you see on shower doors and dishes is also building up inside water heaters and other appliances, reducing their performance, efficiency, and lifetime.  You’re also not getting the best in washing, hair and skincare, coffee, and tea.  We can install a water softener that serves the whole house.  If you already have one we can take care of maintenance and repairs to make sure it’s working properly.


If you suspect a leak but can’t locate it, don’t ignore it.  A hidden leak can cause a great deal of damage before it becomes obvious.  Our seasoned experts can verify if there’s a leak and use sophisticated electronic leak detection instruments to pinpoint its location.  That way, there’s no unnecessary holes trying to track down the problem.  Knowing the exact location is especially important for slab leak repairs, helping us decide if it’s best to tear through the concrete floor slab for a spot repair, re-route new pipe, or employ other methods such as pipelining.


We’re a full-service plumbing company ready to meet all your maintenance, inspection, diagnosis, repair, replacement, and installation needs.  Not every plumber is licensed for work on sewer and gas lines.  But our master plumbers are.  Our expertise includes

  • backflow prevention devices, 
  • faucets, sinks, tubs, and showers, 
  • frozen pipe thawing and inspection, 
  • garbage disposals
  • gas line repairs, upgrades, and new installs, 
  • sump pumps, 
  • toilets, and 
  • water pipe replacement, including full copper repiping.

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Locally owned and operated for over 15 years we set high standards for customer service, workmanship, and quality products.  You’ll appreciate our attention to details, honest assessments, and cost-effective options.  We charge the same price day or night, any day of the week and you’ll get upfront pricing for your approval before work begins.  And no service charge with any repair.  Glendale homes and businesses can count on us for the best in residential and commercial plumbing services.