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Paradise Valley homes and businesses can count on us for all their plumbing needs — diagnosis and inspection, repairs, replacements, and installations.  We’re ready with a prompt response 24/7 and always charge the same price any time, any day.  Our services include the latest in drain and sewer cleaning, water heaters, leak detection and repair, and much more.


Like most Paradise Valley plumbers, our cable and auger equipment can handle most drain and sewer cleaning situations.  But for those tough jobs, we have high-pressure water jetting that can cut through almost any obstruction, even tree roots.  Have you experienced slow-running drains or backups that keep coming back?  Hydro jetting also eliminates grease, sediment, and scale which even the best drain snaking can’t remove.  With the insides of pipes as clean and smooth as brand new there’s nothing to start another accelerating cycle of built-up.

We can perform video camera pipe inspections that show us exactly what we’re up against for sewer and drain cleaning.  It also lets us know the condition of the entire sewer line before any digging so you can make a decision with confidence.  And if that digging would involve replacing pavement and/or re-establishing landscaping we’re up to date on all the trenchless sewer repair and replacement technologies to avoid all that cost and disruption.

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Leaks are no fun, especially when you suspect one but can’t track it down.  And leaking pipes inside walls or under floors can do major damage before you see any clear signs of dampness.  We use electronic leak detection instruments together with years of experience to determine if there is indeed a leak then pinpoint location.  With no unnecessary holes or other destruction.

Slab leaks can be expensive to repair, often requiring removing flooring then jack-hammering through several inches of the concrete slab.  But not always.  Knowing the exact location lets us know if alternative methods such as re-routing or pipelining are a viable cost- and disruption-saving option.


Our trouble-shooting wizards mean we go directly to the cause of a problem without any unnecessary repairs or replacements.  No matter the problem — a failed thermocouple, a flaky thermostat, an out of adjustment boiler, burned-out electric element… whatever.  That huge leak may mean just a failed pressure-relief valve.

But if the tank itself is leaking or repairs are just too expensive then it’s time for a new replacement water heater installation.  We’ll be happy to discuss the pros and cons of repair versus replace for your particular situation.  Rather than just “automatically” installing the same type and size, consider the benefits of the latest high-performance and Energy Star models and technologies.  That includes tankless water heaters.  They’re becoming more and more popular in Paradise Valley, saving as much as 1/3 in energy usage and even conserving water.  Highly compact, they can be installed near the point of use so there’s no waiting for hot water to make its way down long pipes.  They heat only the water you use, as you use it, for the added benefit of never running out of hot water.

To make that new heater (or an existing one) lasting its longest and performing at its best, our annual drain and flush service get rid of accumulated deposits that cut efficiency way down and put an added burden on the burner or electric elements.


We’re Paradise Valley’s go-to company for commercial plumbing as well as residential.  Not all plumbers are licensed for gas line work.  But our master plumbers are.  Plus we’re the local experts for installing, repairing, and installing water softeners.  As a full-service company, we’re experienced in just about everything.

  • backflow prevention devices 
  • bathroom and kitchen remodels 
  • faucets 
  • freezing water pipes 
  • garbage disposals 
  • pipe replacement, including complete copper repiping 
  • sinks 
  • sump pumps 
  • toilets 
  • tubs and showers

The list goes on.

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Locally owned and operated for over 15 years, we depend on our loyal customers to stay in business.  So we deliver personalized service and expert troubleshooting.  We’ll take the time to discuss and explain the most cost-effective solution that best suits your needs.  You’ll approve the price before work starts, and there’s no service-call fee with a repair.  You can count on quality workmanship — we guarantee customer satisfaction with a lifetime warranty.  So give us a call anytime — you’ll speak live to a real plumber.