Water and Sewer Line Reroutes Phoenix, Arizona

Most water and sewer leaks are fairly simple to repair by a professional plumber. Occasionally, though, a leak will occur in a location that makes the repair more complicated, such as a concrete slab covered by carpet or tile. While floor covering can be removed and concrete jackhammered to reach a leak, a better option might be to reroute the water or sewer line.

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What Are Water Line Reroutes?

A water line reroute means to replace a water line in an existing location with a new water line in a different location. For example, a slab leak reroute might involve running a new water line through the attic or a wall to replace one that is presently located in a slab floor. The same process could be used for a sewer line reroute.

What Are the Benefits of Water Line Reroutes?

The most obvious benefit of a water or sewer line reroute is that it minimizes damage to the area where the existing line is located. Another advantage is that an older line with a leak in it can be completely replaced by a new line, minimizing the chance of future leaks. A third advantage is that old, obsolete pipes, such as cast iron, can be replaced by pipes with newer technology, such as PEX pipes. PEX pipes are more flexible, have fewer joints and won’t rust.

Why Call a Professional Plumber?

A water or sewer line reroute should only be done by a professional plumber. Building and plumbing codes regulate where rerouted lines can be located, and a line that is rerouted incorrectly could weaken the structure of a building. A professional plumber experienced in water line reroutes will also be able to work around electric wires and other utilities.

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Water and Sewer Line Reroutes

ASAP Plumbing serves all of Maricopa County. In addition to other services we provide, we are experts in water line reroutes. If you think you may need a slab leak reroute or any other type of a reroute, contact us today, and we will be happy to discuss your situation with you and to provide a free estimate.

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