We all want to protect our homes, but sometimes, certain issues will arise, and we may need the help of a professional to get the job done.

If you’re wondering what to ask before hiring a plumber, then make sure you ask your plumber questions like these before you make your final decision.

1.What Types of Plumbers Have Experience With My Request?

A plumber who has experience with your particular issue may be more competent in helping you fix it. The vast majority of domestic plumbers specialize in all areas of home plumbing.

But checking their Facebook page for evidence of previous work will give you an idea of whether they are better with repairs, installations, or refurbishments, for example.

2. What Are the Plumber’s Rates?

Know everything about the pricing before making your final decision whether to hire a plumber for a certain task.

For example, some charge per hour while other charge per project. Are there any extra fees, expenses, or taxes that could come up during my project and not known beforehand?

3. Do They Have Proper Licensing?

Is the plumber licensed to do plumbing work? Check with the relevant state or county authorities to see if they are on the approved list. Make sure that you verify that all licenses are current and up to date to avoid invalidating your home insurance.

4. How Reputable Are They?

Check with other homeowners to see if they would recommend them for a similar job. Make sure that they have a good reputation and are proud of their work.

You can find reviews on social media pages or websites such as Trustpilot. These sites have honest reviews that help people make informed decisions.

5. Will The Plumber Be Available?

How many days in advance will I need to reserve my plumber? Be sure their times are flexible and accommodate your schedule’s needs, as you will want to make the most out of your time when at home instead of having to take time off from work.

6. Are There Hidden Extras to the Service?

Sometimes the fix might seem worth doing yourself, but in doing so you risk damaging your system. For example, replacing or repairing a toilet requires a professional plumber.

Fixing a faucet¬†might need removing and replacing the spout and assembly in your existing sink. But the best plumbers will be honest and tell you upfront what you can do yourself, and what you shouldn’t.

7. What Else Should I Look Out For When Hiring A Plumber?

One plumber might be more expensive than another, but once you factor in their skill level and satisfaction level with the service (assuming you’re happy with that), it may be worth paying more.

Others have been accused of not being insured, but what makes this even worse is the lack of certification or license that they carry. Ensure that the one you hire is willing to provide proof of insurance and certification if need be.

Consider These Options When Hiring a Plumber

Finding a good, reputable plumber in your area is easy if you know the right way. And, with this guidance, you’ll be finding your pipes serviced to the highest standard for years to come.

If you’re in need of the finest plumbers then contact ASAP Plumbing today and we’ll get to you in no time!

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