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Need an expert plumber at affordable rates in Gilbert, Arizona?  That’s ASAP.  We provide up-front pricing and guarantee all our work.  From quick 24/7 emergency quick repairs to remodeling and re-piping, we’re ready.  A full-service residential and commercial plumbing contractor, our experience and expertise includes PEX and copper repiping, drain cleaning, electronic leak detection, trenchless sewer replacements, video camera pipe inspections, water heaters, and water softeners along with a wide range of repair, replacement, and installation services.


You need your sinks, tubs, and showers draining freely!  We provide fast, thorough, and economical drain and sewer cleaning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using cables (drain snakes) and augers.  But sometimes that isn’t enough due to heavy build ups of grease, tree roots, food debris, or other obstructions.  For that we have advance hydro-jetting equipment and personnel specially trained to use it.  Hydro jetters use high pressure water to cut through tree roots and more, flushing it out and leaving the insides of pipes clean, smooth, and trouble-free.

Besides blockages, sewer lines can be corroded or collapsed, or have separated joints.  For all but the simplest drain and sewer problems we first start with a video camera pipe inspection.  That lets us (and you) see exactly what the problem is and where it is. Then together we can make the best choice of cleaning, repair, or replacement.

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Sewer or Drain Problems? We Can Help! Call Today. (480) 336-9235



Worried about leaking pipes inside your walls or under the floor slab?  Our specialists use the latest in electronic leak detection equipment to quickly pinpoint the exact location.  So there’s no making one hole after another trying to track it down.  Whether hidden or not we can then make permanent repairs.  That includes slab leak repairs, often without having to break through flooring and the underlying concrete.


Pipe replacement for older homes and businesses is often more economical in the long run than repeated repairs.  And far less disruptive.  We’ll be happy to perform an in-house free estimate as well as discuss the pros and cons of PEX versus copper repiping.


We provide a full range of residential and commercial plumbing services.  That includes toilet repairs, faucet repairs, garbage disposals, gas lines, sump pumps, backflow prevention assemblies, and preventive maintenance.


Our hot water heater specialists are experts in the repair, replacement, and installation.  Experienced trouble-shooters they go straight to the actual problem, saving time and money.  With our well-stocked truck nearly all repairs, and many replacements are one-visit same-day services.

Our expertise includes tankless water heaters.  New to most people in the US they’ve been in use in Japan and Europe for decades, saving energy and providing an endless supply of hot water.  They heat water as you use it, so there no tank and no waiting for the tank to heat back up.  And no heat lost from a tank that stays hot all the time.

Annual inspection, drain, and flushing are especially important for tankless hot water heaters.  But manufacturers of conventional models also recommend this maintenance for maximum performance and equipment lifetime.  We’ll be happy to set up a no-hassle schedule for you.


Measured in grains per gallon (GPG) Gilbert actually has the lowest hard water rating in the greater Phoenix area, measuring 9 GPG.  But that’s well above the threshold of 7 for hard water and the need for water softeners.  If you have a system but are experiencing scale build-up in appliances and on shower-stall doors, dry skin, sink and tub stains, or dingy-looking clothes even after washing your softener probably isn’t working properly.

We install, repair, and maintain whole-house filtration systems, including a variety of water softener technologies.  Salt-free models protect the environment and avoid the need to lug heavy bags of salt.

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Whatever your plumbing needs are you can count on us to take care of it quickly, correctly, and economically.  You can reach a live person anytime 24/7.  After an expert diagnosis you’ll receive upfront pricing with no additional charges for nights or weekends.  Locally owned, we’ve been providing personalized services for over 15 years and guarantee our workmanship as well as your satisfaction.