Frozen Pipe Repair Phoenix, Arizona

If you’re not from the area you may be surprised to learn that freezing water pipes in Phoenix, Arizona are a fairly common problem.  That’s true throughout the area, and 2013 was an especially bad year (  That sort of cold weather rolls around every few years, so we’re ready with 24/7 emergency service for freezing pipes in both residential and commercial buildings. ASAP Plumbing provides affordable frozen pipe repair & replacement services to all Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert Arizona and surrounding areas.

What Happens

Most materials contract when they get colder, but freezing water is a very big exception.  At 32 oF water turns to ice, and when it does it expands.  More than you might think.  That creates amazingly high pressures that can damage valves and fittings, even crack and burst pipes.  Then when it thaws you have a leak.  It could be a barely noticeable drip or nightmarish flooding at some 10 gpm (gallons per minute — as much as 1,000 gallons in an hour and a half).  And that could mean many thousands of dollars in water damage on top of the costs of a plumbing repair.

Plastic and drain pipes, as well as copper plumbing, is subject to freeze damage just as much as steel and galvanized iron, sometimes more so.

If outdoor temperatures have dropped below freezing and you get just a trickle from one or more faucets the odds are that you have a frozen pipe.  You might also see frost on exposed plumbing, or even a visibly swollen pipe.

Frozen Pipe Plumbing Services

Use caution if you try to thaw things out yourself.  Use hot water, a hair dryer, or a heat lamp.  Not a propane torch or any sort of flame.  Besides being a fire risk that can damage your plumbing.  And be prepared for a major leak.

Considering the potential for thousands of dollars of damages, our residential and commercial plumbing 24/7 services are the wise solution, especially considering our competitive rates.

  • Quickly and safely thaw frozen plumbing
  • Find hidden leaks
  • Remove standing water
  • Repair pipes and valves
  • Relocate pipes exposed to freezing temperatures

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How to Prevent Freezing Pipes

You can avoid freezing water pipes by allowing a fast drip or trickle from faucets.  You also need to make sure that plumbing outside your home or business is well insulated.  That includes garden hose faucets — metal pipes conduct heat to the outside.  If there’s a forecast of unusually cold weather you can use old blankets, rags, and even newspaper.  But those are fire hazards and should be removed as soon as possible.

Relocating exposed plumbing is the best long-term solution for exposed plumbing lines, but electric heat tape also works well so long as there’s power.  Your walls need to be properly insulated, with cracks and openings properly sealed.

Finally, even with good insulation and caulking, it’s necessary to keep the indoors heated to above 55 oF if you’re away during cold snaps to keep the insides of walls above freezing.