Plumbing System Maintenance

Most of us perform regular maintenance on our automobiles. We change the oil, lubricate the chassis, and rotate the tires. We do this because it improves the performance of our automobiles and saves us money in the long run. Doesn’t it make sense, then, to perform regular maintenance on your plumbing system? ASAP Plumbing offers both residential and commercial maintenance plans designed to keep your plumbing system operating efficiently.

Residential Plumbing Maintenance Plan

Our residential plumbing maintenance plan will give you full assurance that your plumbing system is well-maintained and ready for use. We will inspect your entire plumbing system, including your water main, and look for signs of corrosion. We will flush your water heater, perform leak checks and verify that all drains are operating efficiently. We will also inspect and tag emergency shut-off valves. Additionally, we will check hose faucets and appliance connections.

Commercial Drain Maintenance Plan

Commercial drains are subjected to considerable abuse. Toilets get clogged by items not intended to be flushed, and restaurant drains suffer from grease deposits. Foul-smelling odors from drains can be offensive to clients. ASAP Plumbing offers tailored drain maintenance plans to reduce your costs and keep your drains operating efficiently. Typical plans include grease trap maintenance, preventive drain cleaning, camera inspections and drain flushing services.

Commercial Plumbing Maintenance Plan

Regular plumbing maintenance is essential in a commercial environment. We can check for costly leaks in faucets and pipes and repair toilets that run continuously. We can determine the reason for high or low water pressure and make necessary repairs. We can service water heaters, boilers, sump pumps, and backflow preventers. We can inspect all of your pipes for corrosion and perform camera inspections when necessary.


If you would like to know more about our maintenance plans, contact us today. We would be happy to provide additional information and to help you find the right maintenance plan for you. As an ASAP member, you will receive priority service and discounts on service-related repairs. Any repairs we make will come with a full warranty, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Emergency Sewer and Drain Cleaning Services

Our drain and sewer cleaning experts are ready for tough drains, large mains, and preventive maintenance.  Had repeated back-ups or slow-draining sinks?  Our hydro jetting equipment gets drain and sewer lines clean-as-new so there’s nothing remaining to start the next problem.  Our video camera inspection gear lets us look at the entire line to determine the exact cause and precise location of blockages and damage, and in turn the most cost-effective path forward, be it cleaning or a complete sewer line replacement.  Even in the worst case our trenchless technologies mean it’s usually not necessary to dig up your landscaping or destroy your driveway.

Leak Detection and Repair

Leaking pipes can cause major damage in a short time.  That damage is progressive, so don’t postpone taking action.  Can’t track down a leak but still suspect you might have one?  Our specialists have the latest in sensitive electronic leak detection to not only test for leaks but to track down their exact location without any guesswork.  So no unnecessary holes in your walls or floors.  We’re experts in slab leaks occurring underneath a concrete floor slab and can offer slab leak repair alternatives to pulling up flooring and cracking through concrete.

Water Heaters

We provide the full line of electric and gas water heater services, from expert diagnosis and efficient repairs to replacements and new installations.  We also offer annual preventive maintenance services that include a drain-and-flush and safety inspection.  With well-stocked trucks nearly every call means a same-day solution.

That expertise extends to the latest in tankless water heater technologies.  Used in Japan and Europe for decades, these compact units ditch the bulky tank and can be installed right where needed for nearly instant hot water.  Or at the location of an existing standard heater, or even on an outside wall.  They use about 1/3 less energy and last twice as long — some 20 years.  And their continuous heating means you never run out of hot water.

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